I listened to your lovely CD! I enjoyed the songs especially the song you and your mother sang together. 


Peg Atkinson

Half Moon Bay, CA - 2019

I have been listening to your CD and enjoying the sweetness of it.  Makes me feel like I’m back in the 60’s and 70’s.  Your melodies are haunting and beautiful; and words are mysterious, magical, and playful.  Your sweet voice is a gentle Mama Cass kind of sound.  Really clear and beautiful.  I like the arrangements also.  I see why you are proud of this.  You ought to be.  It’s nice.

Much love, 
Diane Burns Haussler, 
Half Moon Bay, CA - 2019


We play MoonBath in our gallery, which creates a nice mellow mood for ourselves and our customers. I especially enjoy the dreamy strand of the keyboard interwoven through the self-seeking “MoonBath”. I think my favorite song of this
collection is ‘Strange Land”, an airy confection with flute and delicate guitar strums complementing Judi’s lovely harmonizing with ….Judi. “Pumpkin Town” and “Highway 92 Blues” are most appreciated by Half Moon Bay locals, melodic
statements reminiscent of Malvina Reynolds’ “Little Boxes.” Kinda floated along with the piano, guitar and vocal carpet ride of “Hawthorne Tree,” while “Adessa’s Song”, and with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” are whimsical and fun (the latter
helped with vocals by Judi’s great granddaughter) “Prince Ali” has the most hypnotic harmonies, helped along by Judi’s steady guitar and accompanying clarinet. (you have to listen to know what I mean). “Beautiful Kauai” is a love letter to that island, sweet and descriptive, bringing the CD full circle.

Deborah Hagler Wong,
Spring Mountain Gallery
Half Moon Bay, CA - 2019

Are you ready for some music that will put a smile on your face?  Then you need to grab a copy of Judi Engel’s new CD, “MoonBath”! Judi sings like a bird throughout this entire performance.  Add to that superb background instrumentation, top notch songwriting, and studio production of the highest quality and you have a winner you don’t want to be without!
This fan gives “MoonBath” a sold “5 out of “5 stars.


Bill Wardwell
San Mateo, CA - 2019

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